Skate World offers a variety of Programs and Awards that suit many needs of educators around the Valley and the best part is that all of them are FREE. How our program works:

1: You Pick The Award or Program
2. Contact Us With The Amount Needed
3. We Deliver The Passes (Usually Within 72 Hours)
4. Your Students Enjoy The Benefits Of Succeeding In Education

If you would like to receive more information about our School Program please feel free to contact us.

Read N’ Roll

Read N’ Roll is designed to encourage your students to become better readings with a fun incentive. Created with the signal educator in mind, this program can be implemented school or cooperation wide.

How it works:
1. Contact Us and we will deliver the bookmarks
2. Your students read 5 books and you mark them off as they go
3. They bring in the bookmark and skate FREE*
4. Repeat program!


Do you have a student that volunteers their time to help others within the school or your community?

If so, reward them with our Citizenship Award!

How it works:
1. Contact Us with the students name
2. We deliver a certificate and pass for a week of FREE* skating!

Honor Roll

Encouraging students to succeed is the goal of every educator, however finding an incentive that is fun is easy, but the price of it is not!

Skate World believes that every student should have the opportunity to succeed so we offer our Honor Rolls Program FREE to schools

How it works:
1. Contact Us with the amount of passes you need for that semester
2. Give them to your students!

Report Card

Our Report Card Program rewards all students of their achievements for that semester.

How it works:
1. Students Bring Report Cards Into Skate World
2. They Receive FREE* Skating based on their grades!

Student of the Month

Many schools have a Student of the Month for each grade to showcase the achievements of that particular student. Add to that by giving them FREE Skating!

How it works:
1. Contact Us with the students name
2. We deliver a certificate and pass for a week of FREE* skating!


With schools setting goals for classes to meet on attendance, Skate World has come up with the perfect incentive.

If a class achieves 100% attendance, the entire class Skates FREE*!

Gotcha Award

Do you have a student that always seems to be helping everyone, but you can’t figure out how to reward them?

Give them FREE* Skating!

Character Counts

Character Counts® is a fantastic program that encourages students to make choices based on Six (6) different pillars (Trustworthiness, Respect, Responsibility, Fairness, Caring, and Citizenship).

Our Program compliments Character Counts® by awarding a boy and girl from each grade each month with two weeks of FREE* Skating and a Certificate for the giving trait.

* Skate Rental Extra: Regular $2.00, Speed $3.00, Inline $4.00