Parties FAQ

Question: Am I allowed to bring food or drink into Skate World?

Answer: No. Due to insurance regulations Skate World must stop even bottled water from entering the building. We do, however, have a variety of beverages (carbonated and non-carbonated) and food choices that should meet your needs at reasonable prices.

Question: Does Skate World provide cake or ice cream for my party?

 No. Since there are so many choices available for cake and ice cream (flavoring, icing, and ingredients) Skate World does not provide these services. Skate World can provide you with a local bakery that should be able to meet your needs.

Question: What is the difference between a “Public” party and a “Private” party?

  A “public party” (Roller Roo, Kooky Bird, and Teen Packages) is held during our normal business hours. During this time the public is allowed in the building and along with other parties. A “private party” is not held during our normal business hours. During this time the public is not allowed to skate, just your party.

Question: What time am I allowed to arrive to set up for my party?

  Once you have paid your deposit, you will receive a sheet giving you all of the information about your party. In most cases you are allowed to arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled party to setup.

Question: Am I allowed to have a party at Skate World without purchasing a party package?

  Yes, however you are NOT allowed to bring in cake, cupcakes, ice cream, or presents and you will NOT receive a party table. Please call ahead for a group rate (7 or more skaters).

Question: How many guests am I allowed to invite to my party?

 This depends on which package you choose. Our public parties are designed for a MINIMUM of 10 skaters, which the option to add up to 10 more skaters. Our private parties can hold up to 500 skaters, with no minimum. Please note we DO NOT count non skating parents as skaters for public parities.


Question: Do the parties include tokens for the games?

Answer: No. Our games require quarters with many costing only $.25 per game.

Question: What if I am unable to pick up my invitations?

 If you are unable to pick up your invitations after paying for your deposit, please click here and you will be able to download and print them.

Question: Do you mail invitations to us or our guests?

  Unfortunately Skate World is unable to mail to either you or your guests.

Question: Is a deposit required to book a party at Skate World?

  Yes, a deposit of at least $50.00 is required to schedule a party at Skate World.

Question: How do I pay my deposit?

   Paying your deposit is very simple. You can:
1. Book your party online using the links above.
2. Drop it off during our normal business hours.
3. Pay over the phone using a Credit/ Debit Card.
4. Mail a check or money order to:
Skate World
1300 Fairfield Dr.
Evansville, IN 47715

Question: Am I able to provide gift bags to my guests?

 Yes, just make sure that there is not any gum in the bags since it can get stuck to the wheels of the skates.

Question: Do adults have to pay when they come to my party?

Answer: This all depends on if they are skating or not and what type of party you are having. If they are just coming to watch then no fee will be charged, but if they decide to skate there are different routes to take. If you are having a Private Party and they decide to skate then they are charged skate rental which depends on how you decided to set it up with us. If you are doing a Public Party and they decide to skate you have two options. Option #1: Make them part of your party and pay the additional guest fee ($8.00, $10.00, or $17.50) Option #2: They pay admission plus skate rental.

Question: Are skates included with the private party?

 No. Either you must pay for them or you can have your guests pay for them.

Question: What if I need additional tables for the adults?

Skate World can only set up additional tables for paid skating party guests. If adults come to just watch, we have ample seating available for them.

Question: Are place settings included with the Kooky party package?

   No. This package is designed so that you may create your own theme. If you forget place settings, they can be provided for a small fee.

Question: Do I need to bring place settings for cake and ice cream?

  Yes. Skate World only provides one plate, one fork, one napkin, and one cup.

Question: Do I need to bring extra place settings for non-skating party guests?

 Yes. Skate World only provides place settings for skating party guests.

Question: What is your dress code?

Answer: Skate World enforces a very strict dress code since we are a family fun center:
1. No cut off shirts or A-Frame shirts are allowed
2. No article of clothing may contain vulgar language or images
3. No hats or headbands may be worn on the skate floor at anytime