General FAQ

Question: Am I allowed to bring food or drink into Skate World?

Answer: No. Due to insurance regulations Skate World must stop even bottled water from entering the building. We do, however, have a variety of beverages (carbonated and non-carbonated) and food choices that should meet your needs at reasonable prices.

Question: What is the difference between Regular, Speed and Inline Skate rental?

Regular Skates are the traditional high top boot skates.

Speed Skates are a lower cut style boot with wider wheels and upgraded bearings.

Inline Skates, or Roller Blades, are a high top style skate with all four wheels in a line.

Question: Is roller skating safe for my children?

  The Consumer Product Safety Commission has found Roller Skating twice as safe as playgrounds, and three times safer than basketball or football. In addition, roller skating centers offer safe, drug-free, alcohol-free and smoke-free fun in a clean, wholesome supervised environment.

Question: What is your dress code?

  Skate World enforces a very strict dress code since we are a family fun center:
1. No cut off shirts or A-Frame shirts Allowed
2. No article of clothing may contain any vulgar language or images
3. No hats or headbands may be worn on the skate floor at anytime

Question: Do you offer group discounts?

  Yes. For a group discount you must have at least seven (7) skaters. Please call for prices.

Question: What is your In/Out policy?

Skate World’s In/Out Policy restricts young children from exiting the building and return. Skaters under the age of 16 are not allowed to exit the building without a parent or guardian.